Publication Plan

All accepted and registered papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings/Collective Books, which will be submitted for indexing in various scholar databases.
Selected high quality papers will be invited for submission in Special Issues and regular issues of two international academic journals.

Registration for paper presentation is free of charge upon acceptance of the final paper. The .ppt presentation of 15 minutes maximum should be submitted together with the final paper. The language of presentation and paper is English. Papers and presentations in Greek are also accepted.

Publication in conference proceedings and collective books to be published are subject to a processing and editing fee, including dissemination in indexed open access repositories. The fee is 70 EURO for single papers and 120 EURO for papers with more than one author. The publication fee for post-graduate students is reduced to 50%.

Besides the conference proceedings, all the papers will be considered for submission after proper screening and preparation in selected journals suitable for the themes of the conference. The listed journals below are carefully chosen for their reputation, quality, impact factor, fast publication and wide dissemination. The selected journals are indexed in Scopus, Google Scholar, Crossref, SCIE, SCI, ISI, PubMed, DOAJ, etc. In most of the selected journals, papers are published without cost and are open accessed. Papers will also be published in special or thematic issues in some of the listed journals. Information about the special issues will be announced after the review of the abstracts.

  1. Journal of Cleaner Production. Elsevier., Impact Factor: 9.297
  2. Journal of Innovation & Knowledge. Elsevier in Spain. Impact Factor: 9.269
  3. Computers & Education– An International Journal. Elsevier. Impact Factor: 8.538
  4. Current Research in Environmental Sustainability, Elsevier-Netherlands, Impact Factor: 6.984
  5. The International Journal of STEM Education, Springer-Open in UK, Impact Factor: 5.012
  6. British Journal of Educational Technology. Impact Factor:4.929
  7. Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation, Elsevier in Netherlands. Impact Factor: 4.677 
  8. Ecology and Society. Impact Factor: 4.403
  9. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. Elsevier. Impact Factor: 4.624
  10. Sustainability. MDPI. Impact Factor: 3.251
  11. International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction. Elsevier. Impact Score: 3.87
  12. Energy, Sustainability and Society, BMC Springer Nature, Impact Factor: 2.811
  13. Journal of Water and Climate Change. Published by IWA Publishingin United Kingdom. Impact Factor:1.90
  14. Journal of Urban Ecology. Published by Oxford University Press in United Kingdom.
  15. Indonesian Journal of Agricultural Science. Published by Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development.
  16. Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning, Kingdom
  17. Economics, Management and Sustainability. Published by Centre of Sociological Research, Szczecin, Poland.
  18. Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning, Emerald Publishing in United Kingdom
  19. Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College. Columbia University Libraries in United States,
  20. International Journal of E-learning and Distance Education. Published by Athabasca University Press in Canada,
  21. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy. Published by Universitetsforlaget in Norway,
  22. International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation. Published by Taiwan Association of Engineering and Technology Innovation in Taiwan, Province of China.
  23. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy. Published by Queensland University of Technology in Australia.
  24. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education. Published by Springer-Open in United Kingdom,
  25. Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy. Published by Taylor & Francis Group in United Kingdom,
  26. Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Published by Springer-Open in United Kingdom,
  27. International Journal of Curriculum and Instruction. Published by World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI) in United States,
  28. Studies in Social Justice. Published by Brock University in Canada,
  29. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning. Published by Kassel University Press in Germany,
  30. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education. Published by Springer-Open in United Kingdom,
  31. The International Journal of Information, Diversity & Inclusion. Published by University of Hawai’i Library & Information Science Program in United States,
  32. Central European Journal of Geography and Sustainable Development. Published by the Romanian Geographical Society
  33. Current Issues in Education. CIE. Arizona State University.
  34. The Journal of Population and Sustainability. Published by The White Horse Press in United Kingdom.
  35. Asia Pacific Journal of Educators and Education. University Science Malaysia.
  36. Journal of Health Sciences. Published by the University of Sarajevo.