Focus & Themes

The focus of the conference is on theoretical, empirical and practitioner papers that propose innovative teaching, learning and curriculum approaches, models, tools, and methods following research challenges. Additionally, we encourage Master & and PhD students to submit research results related to the themes of the conference.

The key themes are the following:

  • Teaching and learning in the era of Covid-19 pandemic
  • Innovative practices in teaching, learning and curricula
  • ICT-enabled Education for Sustainability
  • Professionalisation of academic teaching to address SDGs
  • Teaching and learning issues for refugee and migrant children
  • 21st century skills for a sustainable and just society
  • Climate change education and civic engagement
  • Climate change, sustainable agriculture and food security
  • Teaching, learning and curriculum approaches for SDGs
  • Deconstructing and reconstructing courses to address SDGs
  • Inclusive, intercultural education and sustainability
  • STEAM and education for sustainable development
  • Digital storytelling and participatory video addressing real-life issues
  • Blended/Hybrid learning in teaching, learning and training contexts
  • Gamification and education for sustainable development
  • Educational robotics and education for sustainable development
  • Sustainability justice and SDGs across curricula
  • Professional practices in teaching and learning for sustainability